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GeslachtStel Vrouw + Man
Seksuele voorkeurHetero
Lengte170cm – 175cm
Gewicht55 - 63 kg
EtniciteitLatijns Amerikaans
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welcome to my page have fun
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Second place among couples

First place among couples

Second place among couples

Second place among couples

Second place among couples

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I dream that I wish to realize
I dream that I wish to realize
We are boys who want to get many things in this life to be able to offer a good future to our loved ones ... first of all we want to have a home to offer, since in life not everything is luxury we must have something to take refuge.
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one of my wishes
one of my wishes
One of my desires is to have a car where I can move since in this life a car is not luxury, it just takes many things. Take the kids to school. Get out in times of an emergency. shopping movie theater. Beach. walk travels etc.
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one more of my desires in this life
one more of my desires in this life
Among my wishes is to travel the world to know new things, explore new experiences, learn about the cuisine of each country, adapt to new habits. traveling helps us a lot to recreate ourselves to free ourselves from stress problems and many things that affect us every day Among my wishes is to know many countries including European countries, Madrid, France, Italy, Rome, etc. Latin countries Dominican R., Costa Rica, Mexico and Panama
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